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Behaviour Change

It’s one thing to get a consumer to try an avocado. It’s a whole other thing to get them to incorporate avocados into their diet.

It’s one thing to get people to call a helpline if they’re in distress. It’s a whole other thing to get them to develop a lifestyle that maximises protective factors and reduces risk factors.

This is essentially what we mean by behaviour change. It’s not about a point-in-time action or a single behaviour (though these are part of the continuum) so much as sustained, long-term changes, often in a complex of related behaviours.

Our expertise in this area has developed from our 20-year interest in areas such as health promotion, education and high-involvement purchase decisions.

In a nutshell, we help clients see business problems in behavioural terms. What do users do? Why do they do it? What system of influence and reinforcement sustain that behaviour? What interventions could change it? And how can change be maintained?

In this analysis, we draw on a variety of theoretical frameworks, including behavioral economics, cognitive load theory, operant conditioning and social constructivism. We often collaborate with academics to fine-tune our interpretation of published research. And we draw on our extensive cross-disciplinary experience in marketing, education, art and entertainment—all with rich in concepts and practices or influence—to generate compelling insights and solutions.

We then create strategies for behaviour change. Sometimes these are invisible, low-effort, nudge-style interventions—like setting a default or removing a barrier—but most of the time they are more involved, a mix of product, service, channel and content.

The final result is a behaviour change strategy that is concrete, actionable, and measurable. And because it is grounded in the messy reality of people and their behaviour, it has a better chance of creating the kind of impact the business wants to see.

  • Behavioural analysis
  • Behaviour change strategy
  • Intervention design
  • Measurement, analysis and reporting
  • Health promotion
  • Social innovation
  • High-involvement purchase decisions
  • Complex customer journeys

Behaviour Change Case Studies

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