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Brand Development

We design brands from the inside out.

We believe that the brand for a digital product or service should be one of the last things to emerge from the design process. It should be the expressive culmination of all the decisions that have been made before, and it should have a feeling of rigorous inevitability about it.

So we avoid creating or integrating brand identities too early in the design process. Instead build identity in logical layers—a logic which includes function, form, personality, voice, tone, style and emotional impact as crucial design elements—until the brand almost defines itself.

We believe that more than anything brands are built by association. If the product is good, the brand association will be good. So while we love a brilliant brand, and admire the great agencies and designers that create them, our goal is usually more modest—to design a brand that fits naturally and doesn’t run counter to the product, because if everything else is designed right, then audiences will love the product, and come to love the brand.

  • Competitor research
  • Brand identity
  • Product name
  • Product logo
  • Visual identity
  • Copywriting, voice and tone
  • Style guide creation
  • Audience testing

Brand Development Case Studies

Department of Health

Co-designing a digital government service

How can we co-design a digital service that helps consumers find online, government-sponsored mental health supports when and where they need them?

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