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Digital Product & Service Design

Our primary goal is never to design a digital product or service, it is to create a desired business outcome. The product or service is simply a means to that end.

So an important part of our overall design process is seeing a product or service within its wider business context. Before doing any design work, even user research, we will ask questions about what the business is trying to achieve. What would success look like?

We try to define tangible business outcomes. Are we increasing sales volume? Value? Retention? For which customers? By how much? Are we encouraging the adoption of healthy behaviours? How would we know the impact?

We also try to understand the overall landscape. What upstream and downstream business services might be involved or impacted?

Usually our clients already have the answers to these questions, but our analysis often uncovers important new dimensions that help us more precisely frame the problem. Only then do we move into the more tangible design process, from user research through to interface design.

And this analysis never stops: we regularly return to these questions, updating the answers with insights gained through the design process, to make sure that we are all still moving in the right direction.

  • Business analysis
  • User research
  • Digital product design
  • Digital service design
  • Government service design

Digital Product & Service Design Case Studies


Designing innovative digital services for government

How do you create proactive and predictive government services that anticipate citizen needs? And in a way that is frictionless and personalised?

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