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Content Development

Effective education needs effective content. And effectiveness doesn’t come from a specific format: a video is not effective because it’s a video; a page is not ineffective because it’s a page.

Effectiveness comes from doing things right: the right learning strategy, writing, design, art, production, technical craft—all together, no matter what the format.

At Liquid we have a long history in award-winning, innovative and effective educational content. Because of our unique heritage in education and entertainment, our staff include instructional designers, school teachers, writers, artists, animators, photographers, musicians, audio engineers, filmmakers, game designers and software developers—and many individuals have compound skills.

From text-only web pages to broadcast-quality video production, to some of the most advanced educational games in the industry—we deliver effective content from strategy through to execution.

  • Scripts
  • Ideation
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • Audio production

Content Development Case Studies


An online platform to create long-term behaviour change

What kind of online platform would convince tens of thousands of school staff to change the way they work every day?

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