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At some level, learning is learning regardless of the delivery channel. But there are ways to make digital learning more or less effective.

Liquid Interactive has been a leader in elearning for nearly 20 years, from our start developing YouthHealth and content for the Le@rning Federation, to more recently creating large, complex, content-rich learning programs and platforms such as Writelike, ESSI Money, Triple P, and MindMatters.

As with everything at Liquid, we start from first principles: domain, audience, learning objectives. Technology supports strategy. Whether we’re using rapid elearning authoring tools or producing high-end video and VR with custom code, wrapping within SCORM or simply deploying to the web, we choose the right tools and methods to suit each project’s goals and constraints.

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eLearning Case Studies

MacQuarie University

Rapid prototyping to manage risk

When you make something innovative, there’s a higher than normal risk of failure. How can rough and rapid prototyping explore options, manage risk, and increase your chances of success?

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