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Learning Management Systems

At Liquid, we have experience in creating custom learning management systems for specific projects as well adapting, configuring and deploying off-the-shelf LMSs.

Learning management systems are a uniquely enterprise learning phenomenon. The most successful learning platforms on the internet are sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Khan Academy and Stack Overflow. But none of these run on a conventional LMS, and if you want to deliver an experience that feels as natural as the internet, then you have to develop your own system.

This is why on high-profile, public-facing projects we will often build custom systems tailored to the needs of each project. It’s an unconventional choice, but it gives us complete control of the user experience. Want to record learner behaviour without needing a login? Have an account system that maximises user privacy? Need an unconventional playlist architecture? Custom development lets you create exactly the experience you want, often with less effort and cost than trying to modify a larger LMS.

On the other hand, when there is no need or scope for custom development, or an off-the-shelf LMS offers all the right features, then we are capable of configuring and customising open-source LMS such Moodle and Totara, as well as deploying to commercial products such as Bridge LMS and Litmos.

  • Custom LMS
  • Moodle
  • Totara
  • Bridge LMS
  • Litmos

Learning Management Systems Case Studies


Production-line thinking for rapid delivery

The world’s first coal seam gas liquefaction plant needed a digital operations manual for incoming engineers. The only problem? The plant was going live in four months. Here’s how production-line thinking helped us deliver.

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