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Every brand has its own personality, perspective and problem to solve. So whether it’s having our Jony Ive-inspired Pavel Lovedogs explaining the benefits of desexing, or creating a cult of personality around the memetic Mr Rental, the Liquid approach to creative for content and campaigns is customer focused, meaningful and designed to deliver unmistakable outcomes.

We’re purposeful in our creative. As with everything at Liquid, we start from first principles: behavioural goals, strategy, data, customer empathy.

We draw on our expertise in education and psychology to frame the creative brief, and then our expertise in art, entertainment, games and technology to execute.

We’re not into technology fads; we tend to like classic cooking—simple things done really well. But because we go deep at the start, and are fearless about what we find, our approach can take us to some utterly unexpected places.

Whether our creative work is startling, confronting, silly or controversial, it is always purposeful and carefully calibrated to drive results.

  • Copy
  • Ideation
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • Audio production
  • Social Media
  • Written content
  • Content variations for personalisation

Creative Case Studies

Mr Rental

Building a brand through social media

Go behind the scenes with the Mr Rental team, and learn our simple three-step formula for social media success.

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