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Digital Marketing Strategy

The Liquid approach to digital marketing strategy is about being genuinely helpful to the end customer.

We believe the best digital marketing comes from getting details right throughout the customer’s journey: removing points of friction and creating moments to engage, entertain and delight.

This is especially important in high-involvement purchase decisions, in which customers want to use research to build confidence and trust. So we draw on our expertise in both education and entertainment to design experiences that engage customers in a learning journey, so they truly feel like they are making the best decision.

In formulating strategy, we go deep into data and research to understand the customer’s pleasure and pain points, and then we test ideas to find the best interventions along the path to purchase and beyond.

Working at this level of detail and polish is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We build ongoing collaborative relationships with our clients, and follow a proven process of continuous improvement.

  • Lead Generation
  • Ecommerce
  • Integrated customer experiences
  • Personalised experiences
  • CRM
  • Channel strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience research
  • Data Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy Case Studies

Isuzu UTE Australia

High-value purchase decisions on mobile phones

Who makes complex and expensive purchasing decisions on their phone? It turns out a lot of people do, if you provide them with the right kind of experience.

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