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Content Management Systems

Many digital platforms require some form of content management system to achieve their goals. The challenge is always one of customisation. Off-the-shelf systems promise savings in development, but these savings tend to be realised only if your project shares the same worldview and intent as the base CMS.

So we don’t see any CMS as being a magic bullet, and we’re not keen to convince any client to dive into one CMS over another. Our approach at Liquid is always about first principles. What is the real need? What are the constraints? What is the right approach?

For advanced marketing needs, we recommend Sitecore. We find that it’s best not to think of Sitecore as a normal CMS, but as a sophisticated and complex marketing tool that prioritises personalisation and cross channel integration, with the ultimate goal of creating a highly individualised and singular view of the customer journey.

We have also delivered significant GovCMS and Drupal projects for Australian government clients, although we will typically deliver Drupal work with the help of specialist partners.

  • Sitecore
  • Umbraco
  • GovCMS
  • Drupal
  • Custom CMS

Content Management Systems Case Studies


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