Ready to create better?

What an opportunity.

It's given us the biggest kick to think about the world we live in and the challenge to create a better future.

But if we are going to accept that challenge we need to work together. Welcome to LiquidCollab. A space to learn, share and problem solve. And of course, collaborate.


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Open Studio Live

We held a live and open discussion where four members of the Liquid team talked about their experiences of effective (and not so effective) collaboration. If you missed the live-stream, you can watch it here.

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Something Digital Festival

10 things I liked about Something Digital 2020

Our Creative Director Andrew Duval spoke at and attended Something Digital Festival 2020. Here's his top 10 takeaways.

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It's all in the timing

Reflecting on her panel discussion at Something Digital 2020, our Customer Experience Director Fiona Armstrong shares her thoughts on the motivation and momentum of right now.

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4 things you need for great collaboration

And why it's so difficult to achieve

Why is it that some teams are more collaborative than others? It's not something in the water. Creating a collaborative team takes careful construction.

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Our collaboration with Something Digital

We are often faced with the choice between doing the right thing and the easy thing.

Our capacity for bravery is echoed in these choices we make: will I go out on a limb to do what I think is right?

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This is The LiquidCollab

Collaboration. Love it or loathe it, chances are you can't avoid it.

Not if you want to have any sort of meaningful impact in life or business. And to deliver change, you need a team that collaborates well.

At Liquid, we've been solving complex problems for 20 years. And have learnt the value of collaboration through hard graft. We know it's an art form and mastering it is one of the most challenging but important investments you can make.

So we wanted to share and encourage more collaboration to create better outcomes. Articulating it in a way we could share has been a collaboration in itself. The result is LiquidCollab. We hope you find it useful and it encourages you to create better. Please let us know what you think.

Learn more about Liquid

Liquid Interactive specialises in solving complex problems through effective collaboration, locally, nationally and internationally. We embed ourselves amongst clients, partners and end-users to go deep and create solutions together.

Future collaborators, we'd love to connect.

Future team members, clients, businesses with complementary services, industry, media, academia, please contact us if you're interested to connect and collaborate.

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